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Sunset Auburn

Sunset Auburn
Sunset Auburn
Sunset Auburn
Sunset Auburn
Sunset Auburn

A beautiful golden auburn blend conceived by the amazing artist expendable_intern on IG.  The subtle warm tones were so lovely we had to make this a regular offering!

This gorgeous nylon doll hair comes straight from the manufacturer that also supplies Hasbro and many of the world's leading toy companies! It's ultra soft and silky with a beautiful shine. 

Each hank is 38" long, weighs 15 grams or a little over 1/2 ounce and is measured at least twice for accuracy.  We strive to ship within 1-2 business days but will contact you with any delays.

Our nylon can safely be dyed or boil permed once water has cooled to 140-150° Fahrenheit (about 65° Celsius).  For perming hair, submerging for around 30-60 seconds should be sufficient.  We do not recommend heat over 160°F / 70° C or durations longer than 60 seconds.

Ponies/dolls shown for comparison purposes only and are not included with purchase. Reroot by the talented @notyouraveragebarbieboy on Instagram.

Amount Required 

Estimates are approximate and may vary depending on your doll's hair length, style, or how thickly the plugs are rooted.  Contact us if you need help or your doll is not listed below

My Little Pony (all gen standard sizes), She-ra, Pippa, Dawn: 1-2 hanks

Barbie, Sindy, Gem: 2 hanks

Monster High, Ever After: 2-3 hanks

Bratz, Tonner, Gene, Tyler,  Brenda Star, Sasha, Disney Descendants: 3-4 hanks

G4 My Little Pony Fashion Styling: 4-5 hanks

Blyth, G4 MLP Zilla, Patti: 7-9 hanks

Disney Animators, Crissy: 8-10 hanks

My Child: 20 hanks

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