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17 Mar All Things Curly
Melissa 1 3438
All Things CurlyWe’re so pleased to offer 5mm curl nylon doll hair and can't wait to expand our selection! Curled doll hair is manufactured  as a single strand of hair coiled inside a small plastic tube.  We tried spinning this hair like we do for ou..
29 Mar It's Finally Here!
Melissa 0 3135
It's Finally Here!You've all been so patient and we cannot thank you enough! After 5 long months our newest nylon doll har order has finally arrived! Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong with this order.  Customs inspections at both ends, por..
12 Nov Upcoming Nylon Order
Melissa 3 4125
Upcoming Nylon Doll Hair OrderWhat an incredible first year! We cannot thank you enough for all your support and encouragement.  We've come a long way all because of you. ^_^  We started with 42 nylon doll hair colors but have since added rerooting t..
29 Oct Welcome to Shimmerlocks - Site Features & Future Plans
Melissa 3 38685
Welcome to Shimmer Locks! We’re so excited to welcome you to our store and hope to make shopping for your next custom or restoration project as easy and fun as possible.  We have a few features on this site to help you find the perfect color, but you..
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