Welcome to Shimmer Locks!

We’re so excited to welcome you to our store and hope to make shopping for your next custom or restoration project as easy and fun as possible.  We have a few features on this site to help you find the perfect color, but you can always contact us anytime for help.

  • Search Feature

    This handy tool will be of most use for My Little Pony customizers looking to find the closest color match to original Hasbro ponies.  Say you want to make a Baby Fizzy to match Mommy Fizzy but aren’t quite sure what hair colors to choose.  Just type “Fizzy” in the search box, press the spyglass, and all 4 of our closest matches to her colors will be displayed in the results.  It’s just that easy!

    However, say you want to find a match for adult pony Glory and type that into the search bar.  It will also bring up matches for Baby Glory and Morning Glory as well.  If you run into that issue and are unsure which colors you need, never hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.  

  • Tags

    Another way to find your ponies’ color is to click the “Tags” Category on the left hand column of our products page.  This will open a list of almost all G1 My Little Ponies sorted alphabetically.   

We’ve done our best to color match the most common My Little Pony hair colors as best we could with our first order, but we did have a few hiccups.  We’ve tried to note any discrepancies on each product listing so please make sure to read them carefully.  Hopefully these will be corrected with better matches in our future orders.  We thank you for your patience.

We’ll keep this blog updated with upcoming orders, new colors and other information that will be useful to you.  We’d love to know what new colors you’d like to see or any features that would be helpful for you on the site.  We welcome your feedback, comments, and suggestions anytime!

Seeing the amazing creations and art you’re able to produce with our hair is something we’re so excited about! We'd be thrilled to  see photos or videos  of your newest work!  With artists’ permission, we’d like to regularly feature the talent of the community on our site as well. 

We look forward to hearing from you and doing everything we can to help make your creation process as smooth as possible. Thank you again for visiting our store and have a great day!