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Everything You Need to Reroot Your Dolls Like a Pro!  This comprehensive doll rerooting kit includes everything you need to give your dolls a new hairstyle, from start to finish.  (No dolls are included) With this kit, you'll get:1. A reroot tool with three size #5 needles2. Instructions o..
We're pleased to offer a versatile doll hair rerooting tool, suitable for rehairing any doll or My Little Pony!  This small, lightweight tool fits easily in your hand and features a comfortable, freely rotating knob to help distribute force.  If you prefer a pencil grip, the knob can also ..
We're pleased to offer sturdy hand crafted nickel plated steel needles for your next rerooting project!  Each pack contains 4 needles in the size of your choice.  Several different companies' needles were tested by us and other experienced doll crafters to ensure we offer only the stronges..
International buyer warning - we do not ship this product overseas as it causes customs to delay or seize packages.Fabri-Tac is the favored sealing adhesive used by doll customizers and restorers worldwide!  It dries fast, clear, and acid free with UV protection.  After 24 hours of curing,..
These professional grade hair styling bands are perfect for creating any doll hair style you can imagine. The clear, 3/16 inch bands are made of a soft, stretchy, non-latex elastic that's strong and durable.Use the bands to create ponytails, braids, buns, or any other style you can think of. The ban..
The absolute best doll hair comb we've been able to find! Its smooth metal prongs have the perfect spacing to glide through doll hair quickly and easily with no snags.  Blending used to be a chore, but now we look forward to whipping out this comb and feeling it slide through the hair like butt..
These professional-grade forceps are the perfect tool for removing factory hair and glue from dolls.  They're also great for rehairing new My Little Pony tails too! The straight tip is ideal for precision in removing hair, while the curved tip is perfect for getting into tight spaces. ..
A nylon duo pack with 1oz of each of the two shades needed to reroot your favorite Monster High doll!  Blossom lavender and Nebula purple are our closest matches to give this spectral beauty soft and silky nylon hair. All our custom doll hair is 38 inches long.This high quality nylon doll hair ..
So many colors and products you can't decide?  Our blind-bundle mystery suprise is perfect for you!  Mystery bundles might contain any item we sell in store currently or previously, including hair, needles, tinsel, or reroot tools or reroot supplies.  If you receive a tool, it co..
Like a beautiful sunrise you wish you could wake up to each morning!  Our Pastel Morning pack contains a total of 4 oz, with 1oz of each 38 inch long color individually tied. The colors you will receive are Cotton Candy, Cornsilk, Baja Breeze and Blossom. Perfect for rerooting, rehairing or res..
Each order will contain one 1 oz pack of each nylon color (six packs), for a total of 6oz.  Each shade will be individually tied to give you maximum control of color placement when rerooting.  The colors included from left to right are Sugarberry, Pumpkin Delight, Merriweather, Medley, Maj..
Each order will contain a 1 oz pack of each color (six packs), for a total of 6oz.  Each shade will be individually tied to give you maximum control of color placement when rerooting.  The colors from left to right are Apple Delight, Honey Gold, Cornsilk, Green Tea Mochi, Summer Sky, &..
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