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Rerooting Needles

Rerooting Needles
Rerooting Needles
Rerooting Needles
Rerooting Needles
Rerooting Needles
Rerooting Needles
Rerooting Needles

We're pleased to offer sturdy hand crafted nickel plated steel needles for your next rerooting project!  Several different companies' needles were tested by us and other experienced doll crafters to ensure we offer only the strongest and most reliable needles available to help prevent breaking and stretch your doll crafting budget as far as possible. Needles are sold individually so you can buy as many or as few as you'd like.

Which size should you buy? We're happy to help! These are suggestions only and you may wish to use different needles depending on your comfort level.

Size #1 to #3 - large dolls greater than 14", very large holes, or torn holes. I also like to keep one of these flipped around in a second reroot tool while I work to help pierce the scalp to create new holes or enlarge smaller holes for my regular rerooting needle.

Size #5 - my workhorse needle, I use this on My Little Ponies, the main scalp areas of Barbies, Monster High, Ever After High Dolls, OMG LOL girls and most other fashion dolls

Size #7 - the detail needle I use for the part line and circumference or clusters of other small sized holes on the dolls listed above, can also be used for smaller 1/6th scale dolls

Size #9 & #10 - for very fine detail work on delicate dolls to prevent tearing of the scalp

A few tips to prolong the life of your needles:

Although it's tempting, do not overfill your needle. If you feel a plug needs more hair, you can always go into the same hole again. If the scalp of your doll is solid, you can try increasing your needle size. The trick is to the find the right size needle that holds the right amount of hair, but doesn't tear the scalp.

If a cluster of holes seems a little small, use the sharp end of a needle to pierce the holes and widen them a bit before going into them with your rerooting needle.

Try not to push too hard or sharply. Go slow and gently. If you encounter greater than normal resistance, pull your needle out and try going in at a slightly different angle.

Make sure your needle doesn't extend more than a half inch at most from your reroot tool and is good and tight in the center of the tool grips to prevent any slippage.

If it won't damage your doll or any custom paint job, warm the head carefully with a hairdryer to help soften the scalp and allow your needle easier entry.

We hope these tips help, but if you need help or have any questions, feel free to contact us any time. Thank you for visiting our store and we look forward to serving you soon!

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