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Deluxe Reroot Kit

Deluxe Reroot Kit
Deluxe Reroot Kit
Deluxe Reroot Kit
Deluxe Reroot Kit
Deluxe Reroot Kit
Deluxe Reroot Kit
Deluxe Reroot Kit
Deluxe Reroot Kit
Deluxe Reroot Kit
Deluxe Reroot Kit
Deluxe Reroot Kit
Deluxe Reroot Kit
Deluxe Reroot Kit
Deluxe Reroot Kit
Deluxe Reroot Kit
Deluxe Reroot Kit
Deluxe Reroot Kit
Deluxe Reroot Kit
Deluxe Reroot Kit
Deluxe Reroot Kit
Deluxe Reroot Kit

Everything You Need to Reroot Your Dolls Like a Pro!  This comprehensive doll rerooting kit includes everything you need to give your dolls a new hairstyle, from start to finish.  (No dolls are included) With this kit, you'll get:

1. A reroot tool with three size #5 needles

2. Instructions on how to use the reroot tool and needles

3. Your choice of hair color & size

4. Hair & glue removal forceps

5. Fabri-tac mini glue 0.17oz to seal your reroot

6. Twelve doll sized hair styling bands

7.  A mini spray bottle water mister

***My Little Pony size will come with small zip ties for tail replacement ***

If you are unsure of how much hair you require or your doll is not listed in the bottom list, let us know.  Please specify your chosen doll hair color in the text box or we will pick one at random.  Prices are for straight nylon or saran hair only.  If you would like a specialty hair (curly, braided, glow or UV) please let us know and we can set up a special listing just for you.

Deluxe Rerooting Kit General Instructions:

After a doll head has been removed from its body, forceps are inserted in through the bottom of the head to pull the old hair and glue out from the inside.  Now your doll is ready to be rerooted!

The small, lightweight reroot tool fits easily in your hand and features a comfortable, freely rotating knob to help distribute force.  If you prefer a pencil grip, the knob can also be removed with a sharp tug.  

Loading needles is easy - simply rotate the lower collar to tighten around the collet and and hold your needle firmly in place.  Try to center your needle as much as possible for a secure grip that will prolong the life of your needle.  If needed, you can use forceps included with the kit to tighten the collar a little more.  Keep the needle length short, no more than 1/2 inch to prevent bending or breaking.

Your reroot tool will come with instructions, plus three size #5 needles.  These are suitable for My Little Ponies, and most fashion dolls including Barbie, Monster High, Rainbow High and many others. Max of 5-8 strands per plug/hole to prevent needle breaking.  (Overloading your needle will cause premature needle breakage)  This will help with the learning curve and save you money and broken needles as you learn to reroot. ;)  If you'd like a different needle size, please let us know.

The mini spray bottle is a MUST HAVE when you begin rerooting.  A light misting of water over the hair while you reroot will help keep flyaway strands in check and make it easier to grab the smaller amounts of hair you need to prevent the needles from breaking.  It will also help smooth any crimps/texture your hair might have from storage on its original factory roll.

Once the reroot is completed, squeeze some Fabri-Tac glue inside the head and spread it around with a Q-tip.  It will dry clear and flexible within a few hours and will be completely waterproof after 1 day.

Congratulations on your first reroot!

Amounts Required:

Estimates may vary with doll's hair length, style, or how thickly plugs are rooted. Please contact us if you need help or your doll is not listed below

1/2 Ounce

-My Little Pony (all gen standard sizes)

-She-Ra vtg

1 Ounce





2 Ounce

-Monster High/Ever After


-Cave Club

-Disney Descendants



-Brenda Starr

-Fashion Styling MLP

3 Ounce

-Rainbow High




4 Ounce

-Monster High 17"

5 Ounce


-Disney Animators


-G4 MLP Zilla

If you have any questions, as always, please feel free to contact us anytime.  Thanks for visiting our store and we hope to serve you soon!

Ponies/dolls shown for comparison purposes only and are not included with purchase.

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