It's Finally Here!

You've all been so patient and we cannot thank you enough! After 5 long months our newest nylon doll har order has finally arrived! Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong with this order.  Customs inspections at both ends, port delays, etc, it was a wild ride for this batch of hair, that's for sure!

As always, our first priority is shipping your orders within one business day.  Because of this, it will take us a bit of time to get all 35 new doll hair colors listed to the site, but we'll add them as time allows.  We've already listed our first two colors Rosedust, aka "fading pink" as we know it was a high priority for our My Little Pony rerooters. ;)  Sandstorm, a dark blonde is the second for all of our doll rehairers who were looking for more natural colors in our nylon fiber

Help Us Name

We'd also love for you to help us pick names for a few of our new shades on Instagram.  The incentive has been upped with a $20 gift certificate to if your suggestion is chosen. Over the next few weeks we'll post photos of some of our new doll hair colors and you can suggest the perfect names!