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Stygian Gem

Stygian Gem
Stygian Gem

"Stygian Gem" is a "flat" black tinsel that reflects only in one color.  

Each hank is 38" long, and contains 50 strands.  We strive to ship within 1-2 business days but will contact you with any delays.

Amount Required 

One 50 strand pack is enough to reroot a G1 My Little Pony in the classic tinsel style.  Two or more packs will be required for longer hair or thicker reroots.

This item can be used on dolls, but would would only be recommended for highlighting purposes based on your personal preference.

Ponies/dolls shown for comparison purposes only and are not included with purchase. 

My Little Pony Hair Matches

Shimmer Locks has access to a complete G1 My Little Pony line from North America and the United Kingdom.  It would be our pleasure to assist you in color matching to help you find the right shade for your next My Little Pony custom project.  Feel free to contact us and we can help with comparison photos and any other information you require. 

Please note, original My Little Pony hair is over 30 years old and can fade or change differently with time.  Although we try our best match shades to the original color, there's always a chance it may not match your pony exactly

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