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Angel White

Angel White
Angel White
Angel White
Angel White
Angel White
Angel White
Angel White
Angel White
Angel White

A true white that's a little less bright than our Powder Puff color with less translucent.  (See comparison photo)  A much better match for My Little Ponies with white hair.

Nylon is a gorgeously soft, smooth and shiny fiber that holds curls very well and looks stunning on any project! Our nylon is made specifically for dolls/toys and will separate into plugs suitable for rerooting. It comes straight from the manufacturer that supplies Hasbro and many of the world's leading toy companies.


-Length: 38 inches / 96cm

-Melting Point: 428°F / 220°C

-Can be dyed

-Can be boil or cool water permed

***Do not use heated human styling tools

Amount Required:

Estimates may vary depending on your doll's hair length, style, or how thickly plugs are rooted.  Contact us if you need help or your doll is not listed below

1/2 oz - My Little Pony (all gen standard sizes), vintage She-ra, Pippa, Dawn

1 oz - Barbie, Integrity, Sindy, Jem

2 oz - Monster High, Ever After, Bratz, Cave Club, Disney Descendants, Sasha, Brenda Starr, Gene, Fashion Styling G4 MLP

3 oz - Rainbow High, LOL OMG, Hairdorables, Tonner

4 oz - Monster High 17"

5 oz - Blythe, Disney Animators, Crissy, G4 MLP Zilla

8 oz: My Child

Ponies/dolls shown for comparison purposes only and are not included with purchase.

My Little Pony Hair Matches

Shimmer Locks has access to a complete G1 My Little Pony line from North America and the United Kingdom.  It would be our pleasure to assist you in color matching to help you find the right shade for your next My Little Pony custom project.  Feel free to contact us and we can help with comparison photos and any other information you require.

Please note, original My Little Pony hair is over 30 years old and can fade or change differently with time.  Although we try our best to match shades with the original color, there's always a chance it may not match your pony exactly.

Angel White is a great match for ponies like Nightglider with plain white hair.  This includes: Minty, Sunbeam, Twilight, Powder, Skyflier, Baby Blossom, Majesty, Fifi, Fizzy, Galaxy, Sky Rocket, Sweet Stuff, Forget Me Not, Hollywood, Baby Frosting, Party Time, Baby Fifi, Quarterback, Slugger, Creamsicle, Speedy, Sweet Stuff, Tangles, Princess Tiffany, Baby Sea Spray, Pillow Talk, Bright Eyes, Locket, Milky Way, Lightning, Wig Wam, Curly Locks, Cloud Dreamer, Baby Toppy, Baby Sniffles, Princess Taffeta, Lady Flutter, Night Glider, Bonnie Bonnets, Baby Dots N Hearts, Baby Glider, Baby Sunny Bunch, Baby Stripes, Baby Nectar, Caramel Crunch, Lemon Treats, Mint Dreams Molasses, Sugar Apple, Sugar Sweet, Baby Wiggles, Glittering Gem, Ringlet, Happyglow, Bridal Beauty, Pony Bride, Springy, Chocolate Delight, Strawberry Scoops, Teeny Tiny Sniffles, Teeny Tiny Snookums, Starhopper, Baby Milky Way, Ice Crystal

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